EMEDE bedside tables complement any double bed adding functionality and style to your double bedroom.

EMEDE offer a wide choice of bedside tables, in every finish and standard size available, to give enough storage for your needs. The idea is that you are able to choose the characteristics of the table so that it combines well with other EMEDE furniture pieces, like chests of drawers and tall boys.

The glass elements are totally innovative and fit well with complements that are added to the table. It is offered as a supplement to the upper part or elements that cover the entire table. The final result is an added openness to the design.

Typical wooden feet or bases can be substituted for square, metal feet.

The sliding drawers are from the latest generation, invisible and shock absorbing. The quality of the table is guaranteed no matter how much it is used.

Design, modularity and quality are the principal attributes of EMEDE bedside tables.