Designer bedrooms are the signatures of EMEDE, widely known in the Spanish market of modern bedroom furniture for quality, design and durability.

In our catalogue you can find a wide range of bedroom combinations. The examples are just a few of the combinations available as our modular system allows you to choose pieces from different collections in order to create a personally designed bedroom. For example, you are able to combine headboards, beds and bedside tables from different collections.

There is also a great variety of finishes available that offer the possibility of a final dramatic result aesthetically different from the samples seen on our website. Every piece of furniture is available in a great number of standard sizes. Quotes are based on the measurement of the space to avoid any surplus overpayment.

Likewise, beds and accessories such as bedside tables, chests of drawers, desks, mirrors and tall boys can be combined to configure an integral furnishing. The final result: a high-quality designer bedroom designed personally according to your preferred measurements.

Personalisation, design, quality and functionality united to offer an infinity of bedroom solutions by EMEDE.