EMEDE are the leaders in the Spanish designer, made-to-measure wardrobe sector, owing to the quality and flexibility of what we offer.

The main attribute of EMEDE’s sliding door wardrobes is modularity, equally in swing door wardrobes as well as walk-in wardrobes.

If we combine the 12 models in the catalogue with a totally personalised interior kit we will, as a result, obtain a set up of wardrobes measured to the needs of the customer.

The latest generation of materials is used from high-density and high performance melamine, safety glass, matt lacquers to natural finishes that can be put together to form a wardrobe to fit in with the personal aesthetic look the customer wants.

Another important point is the quality of the hinges used. The latest generation of hinges and shock-absorbing runners are used to give a smooth opening and closing of the doors. Changeable level systems of the inside frame and runners to fully open drawers are used to take advantage of all the available space.

Applied technology to offer the best quality and maximum usability are used in EMEDE’s sliding door wardrobes.