EMEDE Multimedia furniture can be personalised. About four models are available with or without legs. Drawers can be added with or without doors and wooden or glass separators. The only restriction and feature of this piece is that one main connecting unit has to be used as a base.

All the components of the doors and drawers are based on a perfect 45-degree angle between the top and front of the unit. This detail adds a to the quality of this piece of furniture. The choice of open or closed wooden or glass compartments adds another touch of quality. Open glass compartments help to give an open design feature.

The hinges used in this type of multimedia furniture are shock absorbing for the drawers as well as the folding doors and frames. Additionally, to regulate the mitre join between each element the system allows a triple adjustment. Adjustment of the base, adjustment with forks on the tops of the modules and adjustment of the hinges and runners on the front of the drawers.

Therefore, maximum technology is applied to some refined elements of designer furniture. The union of technology, workmanship and design form EMEDE multimedia furniture.