The EMEDE bookcase system, IRO, is made-to-measure according o the clients needs. The system is characterised by a back panel, which gives the combination the necessary rigidity to support the surprisingly wide shelves without a central column. Therefore, the IRO supports shelves of up to 220cm with one piece supported by the back panel.

The system can be manufactured in width and height to the exact centimetre without occurring extra costs. The bookcase can be used as a high room divider or low bookcase for at the side of a sofa. Also, doors and wood or glass separators can be added to break the aesthetic and give further storage space.

The fittings used allow heavy objects to be supported such as books. Additionally, the levelling system of the columns and back panel allows the bookcase to be fixed at the same level of the floor.

Usability, design and technology are used to form the EMEDE IRO bookcase.