A simple bookcase: IRO 0542

The EMEDE bookcase system, called IRO, is available made-to-measure to the clients requirements allowing shelves of up to 220cm wide supported by a back panel. It can be used as a bookcase, as a bookcase at the side of a sofa or as a room divider for separating spaces. We can also make more storage space by adding glass or wood separators or doors.

Today we are showing the IRO 0542, which is customized in a way that does not need lateral support; it only needs a back support, which is characteristic of the IRO range that gives the necessary rigidity to support weight. It can be totally integrated with other low TV furniture, as in the example shown.

The finishes shown are Koala veneer, Sand Lacquer and Turquoise Lacquer although it is available in other finishes such as matt lacquers, open pore or different natural veneers.